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Back in Football works to narrow the gap between the business and the community sides of the football industry.

We do this by combining our team’s breadth of experience to support the charities who use football as a tool for change and also then a range of services to football players, clubs and brands in the game.

Our primary product is the creation and management of foundations for football players.

Fifty percent (50%) of all profits made by Back in Football go into the namesake foundation, which supports all of our charity partners who use football for social good.

We promote corporate social opportunity (CSO) in the football industry in the belief that connecting to fans, communities and young people through the power of football should not be seen as a responsibility, rather that of an opportunity.





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Footballers get placed under incredible pressure off the field of play on a daily basis from media, fans and increasingly from sponsors. Their focus must always remain on the team and performance on the pitch, but increasingly players are recognising the things they could do as a role model.

Professional footballers are under increasing pressure to engage with charities and many do, but this could be emphasized so much more if they have a personal foundation that focuses on what they believe in.

Some player foundations have been created and mis-managed in the past, largely due to the lack of experienced personnel to advise players and agents on the best processes and opportunities.

Our work in this field focuses on creating the right legal entity first and foremost, then sets out to create a sustainable business plan, which will include all the positive PR benefits that rightfully will come once the foundation is delivering the work that makes a difference to people’s lives.

Delivering great work is not always about re-inventing the wheel. Our team will always work to match players with relevant and the best delivery partners who already exist in the chosen area of focus for their foundation or create a bespoke new programme.





The Back in Football Foundation.

Back in Football is a social enterprise, which means that 50% of the profits made by the organisation are placed ‘back in football’ through our namesake foundation.

The beneficiaries of this foundation are our charity partners who can be individually seen below.

Make the Back in Football foundation your charity of choice and benefit by choosing where your contributions can make a real difference to people’s lives using the power of football.











Corporate Social Opportunity (CSO) is a phrase coined by Back in Football to recognise the firm commitment a business should make to its stakeholders and consumers.

With the excessive and often inappropriate use of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) leading to what has become nothing more than a box-ticking exercise, we believe that CSO better encapsulates the engagement that businesses should have with their audience, community and customer/fanbase.

CSO involves the better management and functions of an entire business, and should be something everyone believes in and supports.

This doesn’t simply mean ‘giving something back’ or donating time to a charity. In the context of the football industry, Back in Football is focused on what social good can be achieved through the power of the beautiful game.

If players, clubs and brands in the football industry start thinking more about the opportunities to gain positive PR, increase general awareness and engage with their fans, then football will continue to thrive as a powerful tool to promote positive change in communities across the world.

Meet The Team

Daniel Wood


Daniel has worked within sports marketing and management on both brand and agency sides. In 2006 he created his first company, which worked to develop street football as a tool to educate and amongst other projects has since gone on to incorporate the Freestyle Football Federation (world governing body for freestyle football). Daniel saw the opportunity to work with footballers, their agents and brands within football to achieve a more positive side to the game off the pitch. His focus is upon attitude change of footballers and also bringing the corporate/commercial world closer to the community.

Ben Tegg


Ben is vastly experienced in the sport for good sector. As Campaign Manager for Kick It Out, Football Relations Director for 1Goal, Community Liaison Manager for Charlton Athletic FC and Sports Partnership manager for Comic/Sport Relief, Ben’s work has taken him worldwide and his first-hand knowledge of the power football has for social change is second to none. His particular focus is on making the foundations work in a sustainable way for all stakeholders.

Lex Chalet


Founder of thinkBeyond and former executive director of Beyond Sport. Lex has spent over 6 years promoting and supporting sport that triggers positive social change in the community. Working with high profile political, sports and business figures, Lex is works to develop sustainable social strategies for her clients.

Matt Wright


Matt has dealt with some of the most high-profile names in the football world. The Head of Communications for Charlton Athletic FC during a tumultuous period in the club’s history, he has an extensive range of media contacts and worked closely with the Charlton Athletic Community Trust and its predecessor for more than a decade on charitable projects across the South East and abroad. His focus is on providing counsel to promote the message of football as a force for good and to help stakeholders communicate effectively.

Gabriel Ajala


Educated in Economics and Law and now undergraduate MSC student in Sports & Management and the Business of Football. Gabriel has represented England School Boys at U16 and U17 in football and has also represented London in the English School Games for athletics.

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